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ATV & Trailer Tires

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Trailer Tires in Wasilla, AK

Mr. Lube is more than your oil change and lube headquarters. We're also your one-stop tire store for ATV tires and trailer tires.

We carry a wide selection of tires designed for safe and dependable performance. Choose the size and type of tire you need from any of our leading brands.

Our trailer tire inventory includes options for utility trailers, boat trailers, horse trailers, camper trailers, travel trailers, and RV trailers.

We make it easy to find what you need when you need it, wherever you drive and whatever you haul.

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Stop in today! We serve Wasilla, AK, Palmer, AK, Williow, AK, and surrounding areas.

ATV Tires in Wasilla, AK

Master Tough Terrain with ATV Tires

Upgrade the performance of your all-terrain vehicle with new tread. When it's time for replacement ATV tires, visit Mr. Lube. We stock a wide selection of quad tires from leading brands for your sport ATV or utility ATV.

Learn How to Find the Best ATV Tire

Whether it's your first time shopping for ATV tires or you just need a refresher on how to find the best ATV tire, we have you covered.

Here are a few pointers on where to start your ATV tire search:

Understand Ply Rating: The ply rating tells you the overall strength and longevity of the ATV tire. The higher the ply rating, the tougher the tire. Expect to pay more for 6 or 7-ply rated tires vs 2 or 3-ply tires, but also expect less flats. Some manufacturers list the ply rating on the ATV tire sidewall. 

The ply rating does not always correspond with the number of plies in the tire. In earlier times, this was true but modern technology has made it possible for an ATV tire with 3 plies to match the strength of an ATV tire with 6 plies. Ply ratings are still useful in that they are relative to one-another within a brand. So a 6-ply ATV tire today might not have 6 plies but it'll still be tougher than a 3-ply ATV tire.

Understanding Star Rating: Stars correspond with an ATV tire's maximum operating pressure.

  • 1 Star = 4 PSI
  • 2 Stars = 5 PSI
  • 3 Stars = 7 PSI

Finding the Right Tread: An all-terrain vehicle is designed to get you through tough terrain, so long as you have the right tires installed. Choose from standard A/T tires for general purpose riding, mud tires with a directional tread for pushing through mud, sand tires with paddles for dunes and beaches, or racing tires for high-speed trails.

Finding Your Tire Size: ATV tire size is displayed on the sidewall as height x width-wheel diameter. It's recommended you stick with the stock size chosen by the manufacturer unless you're looking for certain performance benefits and understand the pros and cons of changing size. Check your owner's manual for more information.

Find Your ATV & Trailer Tires Today!

The tire sales department at Mr. Lube is ready to assist when you need replacement tires for your all-terrain vehicle or trailer. Call (907) 373-4645 to talk with a member of our team today. Get answers to questions you have about ATV and trailer tire sizes, brands, and installation services. 

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